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4 Ways To Get Ready For Hunting Season

Most people are on a never-ending search for new hobbies. With the right hobbies, you can limit stress and enhance the amount of fun in your life. For millions of Americans, hunting wild game is something they thoroughly enjoy. To be a successful hunter, you will need a reliable rifle and plenty of target practice.  In just a few short months, hunting season in the United States will get underway. If you are looking forward to getting out in the woods and hunting some wild game, then properly preparing for this upcoming adventure is a good idea.  Are you trying to get ready for hunting season? If so, here are some things you need to do.  1. Target Practice is...

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How to Make Target Practice a Bit More Fun

Are your kids finally at the age where you can teach them to shoot? Are you looking for a way to make target practice a bit more fun and entertaining?  While safety should be a top priority, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your target shooting. With that in mind, consider the tips here to help you with this goal.  Reactive Targets  Shooting at targets is something that kids of all ages enjoy. You can find all types of metal spinner targets for affordable prices. When the target is hit, there’s an immediate reaction. If you add in some friendly competition, you can make the experience even more fun.  If you decide to shoot at metal targets, be...

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See It In Action

There is a reason why we put a number of videos on our website.   Part of that is because this product is something that is best explained visually. Sure, the safety tips and everything should be written down, but to really understand the appeal of these products, you have to see them being used. And you're not likely to see that unless you have a handy YouTube video to show off what we make and how our customers use our products. So it’s good that we included this component to “show and tell” the glory of the double blend explosive.    Big Booms   One thing that you can see firsthand is that these explosions are bigger than what...

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How to Improve Your Accuracy as a New Shooter

Are you struggling with your shooting accuracy? Target shooting is all about fun and being accustomed to the feel of your rifle. However, as a new shooter, one important goal that you could have in mind is to improve your accuracy. You can spend lots of hours target shooting, but using the wrong techniques.  Learning how to shoot accurately can be extremely difficult, but you have the chance to become a better shooter. Let’s take a look at a few strategies that you can utilize to enhance your skills. Practice Safety Whether you’re using a rifle or a gun, you must always practice safety. This is one of the first and most important rules that you must be aware of...

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It's Not On A Screen

  A while ago, we were thinking about everything that we put on-site and all of the resources that we've compiled here for fans of binary explosives.  And we were thinking about why it is that people love this stuff so much…And something came to mind.  Times change, that's for sure, and we know that a lot of things have changed just in the last 10 years or so. Things have changed in the business world, and in our personal lives, too.  Some of these changes can be good, but some are kind of not so good, in a way.  We were thinking about how so many things are digital now, and how that impacts people's lives.  Screens Everywhere  We’re...

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