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Turkey Day Blast!

We always have new things going on in the Age of Ironclad – and as Thanksgiving approaches, we have a special offer for all of our loyal fans! It's called the Turkey Day Blast, and it retails for $119 and change. We put this together to help celebrate an iconic American holiday that's still at the top of the average family's list when it comes to pulling out all the stops and getting everyone together for a seasonal shindig. The Package Okay, so what's in the Turkey Day Blast package? You get nine of our little half-pound blasters to set off in an enjoyable sequence. You get three 1-pounders that have a little more bang…not too shabby. You get three...

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Boom – On Impact!

So let's talk a little bit about these neat explosives that we sell and deliver to customers. First of all, as the manufacturer, we are licensed to sell these products. We also put significant work into educating people about them, and into public awareness around gun safety and explosive safety, which are actually two different but similar things. So how does this process work? What do you need to know to safely use these exploding targets? The Power of Impact One of the first things you need to know is that the premixed items will explode based on impact from a traveling bullet. But not just any bullet. Specifically, what you need is at least a 40-grain bullet, and a...

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The Size Of Your Boom

  In previous blog posts, we talked about a lot of the biggest reasons that people go for these kinds of kits and exploding target packages.   It's just neat to see your target explode in a wash of color, or to get the explosive experience of blowing up stuff on the range. With the right safety and appropriate technique, you can do this in a fun and positive way.   Choosing a Size   At Ironclad Freedom Targets, we offer different sizes of exploding materials.   Like pharmaceutical products or anything else that works on a specific volume of material, these kits are engineered to have a specific effect according to the amount of powder in the container.  ...

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Four Steps For Target Explosives

Exploding targets? That's simple, right? As we have pointed out quite a few times, it is and it isn't. We have the packages and support to help our customers to set these things up in a safe and secure way. With that in mind, let's take a look at the four fundamental steps of using these products that we detail on the website. That helps newcomers to understand their liabilities and how to work with these things. Pour Because the mixture is separated in two separate components, the first step is to pour these two components together on-site. In previous blog posts, we talked about why it's illegal to ship these two elements together, and enlightened readers about how agencies...

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Help With Your DIY

  As we talked about on the last blog post, these types of explosives that we carry at Ironclad are highly popular for various types of home use.   We offer targets, bulk packages and more to help you to choose the stuff you need to celebrate safely and in a really fun way. When things go boom, you want that to happen in the right way. Just ask Wiley Coyote! Just kidding. But for those who remember the old cartoon reels, there’s a hint of truth in that. When you do things with a potential for hazard, you just don’t rush!   Trends in Gender Reveals   If you read the last blog post, you've heard about how people...

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