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The Size Of Your Boom

  In previous blog posts, we talked about a lot of the biggest reasons that people go for these kinds of kits and exploding target packages.   It's just neat to see your target explode in a wash of color, or to get the explosive experience of blowing up stuff on the range. With the right safety and appropriate technique, you can do this in a fun and positive way.   Choosing a Size   At Ironclad Freedom Targets, we offer different sizes of exploding materials.   Like pharmaceutical products or anything else that works on a specific volume of material, these kits are engineered to have a specific effect according to the amount of powder in the container.  ...

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Four Steps For Target Explosives

Exploding targets? That's simple, right? As we have pointed out quite a few times, it is and it isn't. We have the packages and support to help our customers to set these things up in a safe and secure way. With that in mind, let's take a look at the four fundamental steps of using these products that we detail on the website. That helps newcomers to understand their liabilities and how to work with these things. Pour Because the mixture is separated in two separate components, the first step is to pour these two components together on-site. In previous blog posts, we talked about why it's illegal to ship these two elements together, and enlightened readers about how agencies...

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Help With Your DIY

  As we talked about on the last blog post, these types of explosives that we carry at Ironclad are highly popular for various types of home use.   We offer targets, bulk packages and more to help you to choose the stuff you need to celebrate safely and in a really fun way. When things go boom, you want that to happen in the right way. Just ask Wiley Coyote! Just kidding. But for those who remember the old cartoon reels, there’s a hint of truth in that. When you do things with a potential for hazard, you just don’t rush!   Trends in Gender Reveals   If you read the last blog post, you've heard about how people...

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Dramatic Baby Announcement

Are you having a baby? We are quite sure you would like to know the gender of the baby and then make a grand announcement to your family and friends as to whether it is a boy or girl. Generally, people buy items in pink or blue to decorate the nursery after they find the gender. Or, they just tell a few close family members and let the word spread. But did you know that there is also a newer and more significant way to make such announcements? An Exploding Target! You could literally blast the news to people in your circle. It only takes something called an exploding target. It is a kit that allows you to reveal the...

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The Moment Of Truth

You lie there, spread out on the ground, in shooting stance – a hand on the trigger, your eyes steely and turned, fixed toward the horizon in front of you. Look, luckily, this isn't “over there” and it's not a life or death scenario – instead, you might be lying there contemplating hitting that target to show everyone for the first time the gender of your unborn child! Our Family is Different Check out the video that's front and center on our landing page. It shows some of the reasons why families choose to do this kind of thing when they are revealing their baby's gender with a special event. Despite the fact that you won't be participating in battle...

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