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Dramatic Baby Announcement

Are you having a baby? We are quite sure you would like to know the gender of the baby and then make a grand announcement to your family and friends as to whether it is a boy or girl. Generally, people buy items in pink or blue to decorate the nursery after they find the gender. Or, they just tell a few close family members and let the word spread. But did you know that there is also a newer and more significant way to make such announcements? An Exploding Target! You could literally blast the news to people in your circle. It only takes something called an exploding target. It is a kit that allows you to reveal the...

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The Moment Of Truth

You lie there, spread out on the ground, in shooting stance – a hand on the trigger, your eyes steely and turned, fixed toward the horizon in front of you. Look, luckily, this isn't “over there” and it's not a life or death scenario – instead, you might be lying there contemplating hitting that target to show everyone for the first time the gender of your unborn child! Our Family is Different Check out the video that's front and center on our landing page. It shows some of the reasons why families choose to do this kind of thing when they are revealing their baby's gender with a special event. Despite the fact that you won't be participating in battle...

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Don't Forget Your Bull's-Eye Sticker!

At Age of Ironclad, we have a lot of things that go ‘boom’ – specialized explosive material for gender reveal parties, holidays and really, any day of the year. We have convenient kits that help beginners become seasoned pros. We have different combinations of items to help you to customize your plans for an exciting outdoor event.   What we also have is the bull's-eye sticker! This is a profoundly useful little item for your next shooting session.     A Small Purchase   The bull's-eye sticker is only a portion of a dollar, which is pretty affordable in today's world. But it can be an important purchase, because it represents the precision that you need when you’re using these...

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Improve Your Rifle Accuracy with These Tips

Do you want to improve your shooting proficiency? You may not realize that confidence in your rifle and yourself goes a long way in achieving this goal. If you are ready to improve both, keep reading. The tips here will guide your journey. Only Shoot if the Barrel Is Clean A clean rifle shoots better. To clean the barrel, use a cleaning rod and jag. Attach a solvent-soaked patch to the rod and push it through the barrel with a back-and-forth motion. Once done, wait about five minutes for the solvent to do its job and then swab it again to remove the remaining solvent and residue. You should also use a bronze brush soaked in solvent for cleaning the...

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Covered in Blue Dust

  There's a commercial on television these days – we've seen it, and you've probably seen it too – that pokes fun at the new phenomenon of using explosive products for gender reveal parties.   It has folks standing around covered from head to toe in blue powder, looking like Martians or paid promotional mascots for some kind of toilet bowl cleaner.   Ha, ha…   Seriously though – if you want to avoid this and other far more serious dangers, pay attention to how to use these particular products at a shooting range or anywhere. You’ll be promoting the safety and responsibility that we need to keep everyone from harm.   Don't Stand So Close To Me   When...

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