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How to Correct Common Handgun Shooting Mistakes

         Buying your first handgun can be a very exciting and overwhelming experience. Whether you’re buying a gun for protection or to shoot on a regular basis, you need to get familiar with your firearm. The best way to do this is by taking your new handgun to the shooting range.  Millions of people use shooting ranges in the United States. As you start to shoot and become familiar with your new handgun, you might start to notice that certain mistakes are being made. Correctly common handgun shooting mistakes will be much easier by following the tips below.  Be Mindful of Sight Alignment Issues The average handgun is equipped with two sights. The first is on the...

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4 Ways Spending Time At The Shooting Range Can Benefit Your Health

Whether you want to hone your shooting skills for hunting or competitions, spending time at the shooting range is imperative. Many firearm enthusiasts choose to build a shooting range at their homes. With an at-home shooting range, you can target practice whenever you want. Around 40 percent of all gun owners visit a shooting range regularly. Taking time out of your busy schedule to practice shooting your gun can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are some of the ways spending time at the shooting range can be beneficial for your health. 1. Give Your Eyes a Good Workout The average person spends a lot of time in front of phones, tablets and computer screens every day. Prolonged...

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Tips to Get Your Significant Other Interested in Shooting

       Do you love guns and shooting? Do you want to share this love with your girlfriend, wife, or significant other? If so, there are a few things you can do to help get them interested in shooting.  Why Getting Girls Into Guns Is a Good Idea There are several reasons you may want to get your significant other shooting. While this is true, some of these reasons are better than others.  If your primary motivation for encouraging them to shoot is to keep them from nagging you about the time and money you spend on this hobby, it is not the best reason. They will probably find something new to complain about.  You may want them to...

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A Few Don't Dos

In general, purchasing binary explosives and setting them off at a gender reveal party or other event is a fun way to spice up your gathering. However, there are some things to know, and some things to watch out for when you're using these kinds of products!   The first clue you get is on our website, where we talk about some of the processes for people who have not been able to use our products successfully. Sometimes we call them ‘Karens’ in the language of today's youth – people who just couldn't seem to grasp the concept of how to use binary explosives, and had to call us to complain later. We explain everything on the site!   These...

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Shooting Mistakes to Avoid During Target Practice

There’s nothing like the feel of a gun in your hand. It’s a powerful weapon that requires responsible users.  Part of being responsible with a gun is learning how to use it safely. Besides taking a gun safety course (which we highly recommend), there are a few mistakes you should avoid while engaging in target practice.  While some of these mistakes aren’t going to result in “deadly” consequences, it’s always best to learn the right way to do something.  Mistake: Having Inconsistent Trigger Control Trigger control is an important aspect of shooting. While you may have a good grouping on the target, they may also be too far right or too far to the left. If this happens, it means...

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