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Are You Planning A Gender Reveal Party? Check Out These Heart-Pounding Ideas!

One of the largest trends that have begun to spread across the internet in modern times is the gender reveal party. Typically held for expecting parents, gender reveal parties offer an exciting way for people to find out the gender of their expected baby.  Gender reveals parties can range from simple ideas from cutting open a cake to see the inside’s color to full-on firework displays. No matter the style of the gender reveal party, one element remains constant throughout, indicating a color (generally pink or blue) to convey the gender of the baby. While some people may prefer to have a more “traditional” gender reveal, those who want something more should look no further because here are the coolest...

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Effective Ways to Get More Creative with Your Next Target Practice Session

Shooting the traditional targets found at any gun range or sporting goods store can be helpful. They are ideal for competitive scoring, seeing how precise your shots are, and for practicing. However, they may not be that much fun.  Are you ready for something more creative or unique for your target practice session? If so, consider some of the tips or information found here.  Shoot Cans A classic tin can – nothing special or tricky here – you probably have a few in your cabinets right now. However, there is nothing quite like hearing your .22 hit an old aluminum or metal soda or soup can. Also, this offers extremely affordable target practice since you already have these on-hand.  Clays...

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3 Things You Can Do to Become a Better Marksman

Since March of this year, over three million new firearms have been sold in the United States. If you have recently purchased your first handgun, rifle or shotgun, you are probably trying to learn how to shoot it. Taking a few classes at your local gun range is a great way to learn the basics of firearm safety and shooting. However, if your goal is to become a great marksman, you will have to work hard to accomplish this.  Some people think that being an expert marksman is based on luck or the firearm being used. In reality, this skill is honed by years of practice. If you are trying to become a better marksman, you need to follow the...

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Try Getting a Sample Pack

Not sure how to prep for your gender reveal or other events? One good idea is to try a sample pack from us first, to figure out how this amazing stuff actually works.What's in the sample pack?When you get a sample pack from Age of Ironclad, you get a variety of sizing. That helps you to do your test runs for an informed result, and figure out what's best for your actual event.With the sample pack, you get:1 8-ounce unit1 16-ounce unit1 32-ounce unitYou also get one 80-ounce Big Boomer so that you can evaluate this size as well, to figure out if it's appropriate for the area where you’re shooting, and the audience that you'll have. Why is this...

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How to Make Shooting Sports More Enjoyable for Kids

Over 43% of the households in America have guns in them. If you are a gun owner with children, your main goal should be teaching your kids how to safely operate a firearm. By doing this, you can minimize the risk of gun-related accidents. As many of the children in the country linger in quarantine, their parents are looking for a way to keep them occupied. This is why there has been a sudden uptick in the number of children participating in shooting sports. Finding ways to make this new sport enjoyable for your child is crucial when trying to get them to stick with it. Here are some things you can do to make shooting sports more enjoyable for...

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