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It's Not On A Screen

  A while ago, we were thinking about everything that we put on-site and all of the resources that we've compiled here for fans of binary explosives.  And we were thinking about why it is that people love this stuff so much…And something came to mind.  Times change, that's for sure, and we know that a lot of things have changed just in the last 10 years or so. Things have changed in the business world, and in our personal lives, too.  Some of these changes can be good, but some are kind of not so good, in a way.  We were thinking about how so many things are digital now, and how that impacts people's lives.  Screens Everywhere  We’re...

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What's Important About The Instructions?

When you're shopping on our website, there are some things to keep in mind about how these products work. We've gone over this quite a bit in past blogs, but it bears going over again, because of the uniqueness of the products that we sell. Essentially, it has to do with regulations on these types of products. A binary solution means that you have to sell these in separate containers for shipping, and combine them on-site. Again, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you already know this, but it's important to point out to newcomers how the process works. It's never ideal to have customers assembling things on-site. It creates a bigger need for different kinds of...

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Effective Ways To Become a Better Hunter This Off-Season

Most people realize the importance of having a hobby they enjoy. People with hobbies tend to be happier and less prone to mental health problems like depression or anxiety. For many Americans, hunting wild game is a hobby they thoroughly enjoy. At last count, there were over 15 million registered hunters in the United States. Hunting seasons usually ends in February each year. When this time comes, the hunters in the United States turn their attention to planning for next season. This usually involves maintaining food plots and investing in new firearms. Are you trying to become a better hunter this off-season? If so, here are some things you can do to accomplish this goal. Visit the Shooting Range In...

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The Battle of Concord

  So what happened at the Battle of Concord?  We think it's important to understand the context of historical events, and a lot of times it’s really interesting, too! It inspires our imaginations.   Last month, we talked about the battle of Lexington, but the battle of Concord has also been called the beginning of the American Revolution.  Battle of Concord: The Context  The English monarch and assorted officials were putting economic pressure on the colonies.  There was the Stamp Act, and other commodities laws, as well as the Quartering Act, where citizens had to pay for the housing of British troops.  At the same time, a young people was starting to yearn for freedom. Simple peasants and merchants and others...

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Five (Or More) Facts About the Battle of Lexington

What should people know about the historic battle of Lexington and its context?  As a significant part of American history, we think it's important for people to learn about the past and how it fits into our modern American culture.  Here's some of what you get from a fact sheet on this notable historic moment.  Setting the Scene  The battle of Lexington took place in 1775 in New England, along with other skirmishes where American colonists took on the occupying British Army. That wasn’t the easiest thing to do (of course!) and it led to a big outcome – freedom for the people!  Casualties  A total of 49 Americans and 73 British soldiers died at the Battle of Lexington. Other...

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