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In general, purchasing binary explosives and setting them off at a gender reveal party or other event is a fun way to spice up your gathering. However, there are some things to know, and some things to watch out for when you're using these kinds of products!


The first clue you get is on our website, where we talk about some of the processes for people who have not been able to use our products successfully. Sometimes we call them ‘Karens’ in the language of today's youth – people who just couldn't seem to grasp the concept of how to use binary explosives, and had to call us to complain later. We explain everything on the site!


These are some of the issues you run into when you don't do your research and don't use the product successfully…


Accuracy and Marksmanship


As we mentioned on the website, some people think they’re expert marksman, but they just can hit a target for love nor money, as grandpa used to say.


You have to be able to hit the target if you're going to explode the binary explosives. You have to have everything set up correctly, and you have to use a specific target distance that’s safe but effective. We go over all of this on the website and on the blog, more than once, really, but a few people just didn't pay attention. The rest of our customers were able to put two and two together and deliver an awesome explosion for gender reveals or whatever else they were doing in their communities. The issue of people calling in is rare! But still frustrating. 


Dry Grass and Other Combustibles – Avoid Them!


You have to have target safety, too. Don't hit an explosive around excessively dry materials, or you’re going to start a wildfire. This, again, is something really basic that people should know, but there's just a couple people out there who didn't quite get the message, so we’re including that here. Don’t use your old cardboard for ad hoc kindling!




One more thing. Your target needs a backstop.


Whether you live in the country or the suburbs or the country/suburbs, you might have a terrain where a bullet can travel past your property and into someone else's. The easy way to prevent that is without proper backstop. It can be anything, as long as it's not empty air.


We’re going to stop there because of how basic this tip is, but we're here to tell you that a very small percentage of customers don't heed this warning with possibly disastrous results. Be safe and have fun, and check out our Thanksgiving binary target products and discounts for this month! Enjoy the season with your family, and with a properly set up and safe big BANG!



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