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One of the largest trends that have begun to spread across the internet in modern times is the gender reveal party. Typically held for expecting parents, gender reveal parties offer an exciting way for people to find out the gender of their expected baby. 

Gender reveals parties can range from simple ideas from cutting open a cake to see the inside’s color to full-on firework displays. No matter the style of the gender reveal party, one element remains constant throughout, indicating a color (generally pink or blue) to convey the gender of the baby. While some people may prefer to have a more “traditional” gender reveal, those who want something more should look no further because here are the coolest ideas for a gender reveal party.

Car Enthusiasts 

For car enthusiasts and racing fans, a perfect idea is a “burn out reveal”. These types of gender reveal parties have recently started to attract the attention of party planners, and for a good reason. After purchasing the kit, you follow the instructions so that your car’s burn out smoke will be the color of the baby's gender. This is a unique way to add some action and surprise to any gender reveal party.

Baby Boom

The second idea takes things up a notch. Exploding target reveal. This type of gender reveal party is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; an explosion triggered by a gunshot reveals the baby's gender. An exploding target gender reveal party is ideal for the parents who want to get their adrenaline pumping, as these explosions are no joke. Ironclad Freedom Targets sells exploding targets, loaded with your color of choice, intended for gender reveal parties. If you’re looking to bring your baby into this world with a boom, then this is the option for you.

Baby, You’re A Firework

Finally, on the explosive track, fireworks. Everyone loves a fireworks display, and they never cease to captivate an audience. While using fireworks to reveal the baby's gender is not a new idea, it is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. This style of gender reveal incorporates everything, with loud explosions and beautiful colors that will make that day something to remember. Because there is such a wide variety of fireworks, there is a price and style for everyone. Fireworks are also readily available, making this extremely easy to pull off if you have a safe and designated area to do so.

Bringing a baby into your family is a monumental occasion, have fun with how you tell your friends and family. A gender reveal gathering is all about the excitement of the moment, so enjoy making your gathering as unique as your little one will be. 

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