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Do you like it when things go boom?

If so, you may be interested in some of the neat products available at Ironclad Freedom Targets where we celebrate Second Amendment rights and the power of pyrotechnics.

However, you may not have heard of a binary target.

What is a binary target? It has to do with existing rules on transporting explosives.

Lots of avid gun enthusiasts like to use explosive compounds to enhance their target shooting. Why wouldn’t you? This stuff rocks! But there are existing laws regulating the use of these substances because of their explosive nature.

We sell compounds that experts call “binary target” mixes: a binary target is something that is highly regulated in its mixed form. As a result, it is often sold as two separate compounds. Those two items get mixed together by the buyer at the shooting site.

Here's one way to think of it – regulations apply because people don't want those two combustible elements together in transportation. They’re afraid that Larry might drive his truck down into a gulch and somehow ignite a bunch of the stuff in a dangerous way, or that some random tragic accident will blow the roof off of a building.

So if you get caught transporting mixed binary targets, you could be in big trouble. However, it's legal to buy and transport the two compounds separately, and then put them together when you're ready to shoot.

Why mess around with this stuff? Because it's fun!

It might be fun to mess around with this stuff, but it's a good idea to buy from a knowledgeable vendor. First of all, there are specific distances that are safe when you are shooting for these kinds of compounds.

It's important to understand the physics of how this works in order to keep your activities safe.

Sure, you can pack a pre-made mix into pumpkins and blow them up – but if you don’t get it right, you could face some pretty serious consequences.

You could just buy these products in our pre-measured packages, get all of the safety info and support you need, and go to a fun shoot safely, within your rights, for a great day at the range.

We even have specific event packages – check out what’s in our gender reveal package where you can blow up targets to see whether it’s a boy or a girl. Or go big (or go home) with our Commander in Chief package with 6 five-pound targets. Our “Don’t Tread on Me” mixed rifle targets package comes with a big boom – get “the reaction that occurs with a mix of patriots, liberty, justice, and plenty of freedom.”

At Ironclad Freedom Targets, we’ve got something for everybody! And that something is awesome explosions. Order right through our modern web site and get shooting!

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