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Christmas and the Delaware – Our “Crossing the Delaware” Holiday Package

They were beat down and burdened by fate, tossed on the waves of destiny – but they had not given up.

On Christmas night 1776, as General Washington prepared to lead his men across the Delaware River straits, the Army was stinging from losses in nearby areas.

The Christmas operation was a Hail Mary attempt by around 5400 troops to surprise Hessians in Trenton, and try to gain the upper hand again.

Think about it – these militiamen went out on Christmas day to save their country instead of sitting around opening presents or carving up a ham – they were shaking and shivering across the frozen tundra, hoping to do or die for the future of America.

Recognizing History

Ever since then, people have been doing reenactments of the Delaware Crossing.

Lots of people are only familiar with it through the oil paintings that survive as representations of that event. But if you get a chance to go and see one of these annual reenactments at Christmas, you'll get a much more deeper view of what all of this was about, and what really happened on that Christmas night. You’ll see history really come alive, which can be pretty inspirational.

Of course, you'll have to spend your own Christmas there instead of hunkered down around your Christmas tree as is the custom nowadays. And we have a lot more creature comforts these days!

Winter Holiday Package

In honor of the Delaware crossing so long ago, our Crossing the Delaware package gives you a particular amount of boom for your holiday.

That includes one 80 ounce piece, two 32-ounce packages, four 16-ounce pieces, and six 8-ouncers, all for one low price.

With this massive holiday package, you'll be able to give your guests an experience they’ll never forget. Be safe this holiday season and review all of the safety information before starting. We've put a lot of resources on the web to help our customers understand how these products are regulated and what that means for delivery and use.

And this Christmas as you go, think about all of those Christmases past where humans persevered against serious challenges and clung to that hopeful spirit that presides over the season. Christmas is a time for peace, goodwill and prosperity, and you can kick back and celebrate, in this great land.

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