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Covered in Blue Dust


There's a commercial on television these days – we've seen it, and you've probably seen it too – that pokes fun at the new phenomenon of using explosive products for gender reveal parties.


It has folks standing around covered from head to toe in blue powder, looking like Martians or paid promotional mascots for some kind of toilet bowl cleaner.


Ha, ha…


Seriously though – if you want to avoid this and other far more serious dangers, pay attention to how to use these particular products at a shooting range or anywhere. You’ll be promoting the safety and responsibility that we need to keep everyone from harm.


Don't Stand So Close To Me


When it really comes down to safety, there's one fundamental rule that towers above most of the others.


It's the proximity to these explosive materials that people have to be aware of, and related rules that they have to stringently practice, in order to keep themselves and others safe.


It's simple – these are explosives. They have to be handled with the same care that you would use for any other kind of explosives. Err on the side of caution, and keep displays and targets far away from people and animals (and plants, if applicable.)


The Best Tannerite Kits


It's also helpful to have really good blended kits to set up your shooting space appropriately.


If you've read anything about tannerite, you know that it's illegal to ship the explosives in one single package, because of the way they’re blended together. So you know that you're going to get two substances that you're going to blend together on site in order to create the unique results that are so popular for gender reveals and other kinds of public events.


Along with that, you have to have the right kinds of instruction manuals to get you and everyone else up to speed on how these items work.


At Age of Ironclad, our products come with instructions and everything else you need to effectively make these part of your event space in a safe and convenient way. Check out our Commander in Chief set and Freedom Targets that put everything that you need at your fingertips (and then think about how to protect your fingertips!) Ask us any questions that you might have, and when you get these delivered to your door, you’ll already be a pro at using them! We’re here to help you to make sure everything goes well, and that you don’t end up covered in blue or pink dust.

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