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At Age of Ironclad, we have a lot of things that go ‘boom’ – specialized explosive material for gender reveal parties, holidays and really, any day of the year. We have convenient kits that help beginners become seasoned pros. We have different combinations of items to help you to customize your plans for an exciting outdoor event.


What we also have is the bull's-eye sticker! This is a profoundly useful little item for your next shooting session.


Don't Forget Your Bull's-Eye Sticker!


A Small Purchase


The bull's-eye sticker is only a portion of a dollar, which is pretty affordable in today's world. But it can be an important purchase, because it represents the precision that you need when you’re using these awesome explosive kits.


Think back to the old days as you were learning to shoot. How did you do it? (click the link for some very important tips). Probably you started with a good target. Hopefully. Sighting and getting good requires some of the right setups, whether you’re shooting at cans or paper, or what have you.


So we put this on our ecommerce site, because we are really about helping you to get set up right. That’s the whole point! Anybody who knows anything about tannerite knows that there are some specific steps to completing one of these projects, and getting good results. Some have to do with safety, some have to do with visibility. All are important!


Planning and Practice


There is a reason that good marksmanship is prized by gun enthusiasts and those who are using explosive kits for gender reveals or any other type of event.


When putting on the actual show, it's necessary to have a good deal of precision, and to hit your mark as well as possible. Experienced people know this, and so they would say that investing in that level of precision is really a no-brainer. Sure, maybe you have a few pumpkins around, or something – but if not, you may find yourself looking for something bright to hit, and just finding any old thing is kind of a gamble.


So as you go about putting items in your shopping cart, it might be a good idea to add a few of these bull's-eye stickers. Yes, you can shoot at anything, but it's better to have a clearly defined target. Also, check out the rest of the site for more safety tips, more background info, and more great packages. We are here to support you in your shooting – and it shows. Take a look.



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