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Are you having a baby? We are quite sure you would like to know the gender of the baby and then make a grand announcement to your family and friends as to whether it is a boy or girl. Generally, people buy items in pink or blue to decorate the nursery after they find the gender. Or, they just tell a few close family members and let the word spread. But did you know that there is also a newer and more significant way to make such announcements?

An Exploding Target!

You could literally blast the news to people in your circle. It only takes something called an exploding target. It is a kit that allows you to reveal the baby’s gender and comes with color-coded explosions. Essentially, it needs a rifle, target, and all the protective gear you can get, including gloves and glasses. 

You gather your friends around in a field that can be used for target practice and aim and shoot. The target explodes in a mist of color, blue or pink, and that’s how you make the big announcement.

While this may seem unusual to most people, as a practice, it does seem like fun. It is probably more suitable for families that are familiar with rifles and target shooting. Naturally, those that are familiar with shooting would also be aware of the need for accuracy.

Gain Accuracy In Shooting Targets

As in all things, practice makes you perfect. So, if you are a novice at shooting, you would want to start with the basics. The ultimate objective is hitting the target, and that means a certain level of accuracy. How does one get accurate without sufficient practice?  

You may want to make it a weekly routine or a bi-weekly routine. You would also need to set aside a few hours each time to get to the level of comfort in handling the rifle and learning the correct stance, and using the viewfinder. Each of these areas of shooting requires skill, and without practice, your skill level may not go beyond the novice level. 

Starting with target shooting also teaches you that there are variables that may affect the shooting. These variables could be the distance, or it could be the weapon. Ideal practice shooting for beginners would include cheaper and scalable kits. 

One thing is for sure. You will want enough practice before you go into the field to announce the gender of your baby! 

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