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Four Steps For Target Explosives

Exploding targets? That's simple, right?

As we have pointed out quite a few times, it is and it isn't. We have the packages and support to help our customers to set these things up in a safe and secure way.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the four fundamental steps of using these products that we detail on the website. That helps newcomers to understand their liabilities and how to work with these things.


Because the mixture is separated in two separate components, the first step is to pour these two components together on-site. In previous blog posts, we talked about why it's illegal to ship these two elements together, and enlightened readers about how agencies regulate this type of thing. But for today's post, we’re simply saying that you mix these together on-site, which is one of the simpler parts of setting up your target.


After pouring, you’re shaking to blend these elements together. Again, you wouldn’t need to do this if it was legal to ship the whole thing as one mixed substance, but it's not. You can get into the philosophy of that, but we’re here to help you to figure out your way around any barriers to getting the most bang for your buck, in a sense.


Here's the important one. Setting your target involves understanding minimum distance requirements in order to avoid serious injury.

We've written about safety a number of times on the site, because we want people to understand the right ways to do these projects. It may sound like a simple thing, but minimum distance is absolutely a big deal. Check out the requirements and think about how your space can accommodate them.


With the shooting, as long as you have your setup accurate, and practice all applicable shooting safety standards, this is fairly safe, but you want to make sure you have a backstop and a clear shot, and follow appropriate safety guidelines so that no one gets hurt. We sell targets and bullseyes that help you to get the shot that will lead to the big bang.

In order to help our customers understand these things better, we are licensed by the American Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agency. This additional certification helps give us the credibility and legitimacy that we need to serve this market. Spend some time on the site to see what we’re about, and contact us with any questions about anything at all related to safe and fun target shooting.

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