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Help With Your DIY


As we talked about on the last blog post, these types of explosives that we carry at Ironclad are highly popular for various types of home use.


We offer targets, bulk packages and more to help you to choose the stuff you need to celebrate safely and in a really fun way. When things go boom, you want that to happen in the right way. Just ask Wiley Coyote! Just kidding. But for those who remember the old cartoon reels, there’s a hint of truth in that. When you do things with a potential for hazard, you just don’t rush!


Trends in Gender Reveals


If you read the last blog post, you've heard about how people are announcing the gender of their baby with pink or blue chalk that explodes from a target. It’s really a lot of folk who are doing this – it’s kind of a practice for our times, a visual way to celebrate something big.


You've also seen the basic components of this type of setup – a target, the explosives and a firearm to shoot with, as well as the marksmanship that it takes to hit that target from a given distance. This isn’t the ducks at the county fair – the shot can be challenging in some cases, especially depending on how you set it up, and again, whether you hurry.


Now the overall goal of the shooting gender reveal sounds simple, but there are some things to keep in mind when you’re setting up one of these fun projects. First off, stores can't sell the explosive as one single pack. They have to sell it into different ingredients where people mix it together on the site. When you understand this, you know more about how this industry works, and why.


Also, a lot of people are taking shortcuts and just getting the raw materials with no extra guidance and setting them off on private property. What we do involves giving you pre-made packages that offer more protective equipment and other resources for conducting a fun and safe event. Take advantage of our experience – we know this stuff!




With our target packages, you get the gloves and eyewear and everything else that you need to really make a bang for a gender reveal or anything else. Take a look and think about whether you want these kinds of sets for a big holiday coming up and talk to us about getting delivery to you on time. We’re here for you!

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