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Buying your first handgun can be a very exciting and overwhelming experience. Whether you’re buying a gun for protection or to shoot on a regular basis, you need to get familiar with your firearm. The best way to do this is by taking your new handgun to the shooting range. 

Millions of people use shooting ranges in the United States. As you start to shoot and become familiar with your new handgun, you might start to notice that certain mistakes are being made. Correctly common handgun shooting mistakes will be much easier by following the tips below. 

Be Mindful of Sight Alignment Issues

The average handgun is equipped with two sights. The first is on the front middle portion of the handgun. The second is a rear-mounted sight that features two prongs. The main purpose of these sites is to help the handgun owner line up their shot. If these sights are improperly aligned, you will have a hard time hitting your target. 

You need to remember that the front sight on your handgun should be level and centered between the prongs on the rear sight. Before you pull the trigger, be sure to focus your attention on the front sight. If you can clearly see a focused view of your rear sight before you shoot, you’re making a mistake that should be corrected

A Good Shooting Stance is Important

One of the main things you need to make accurate shots with your handgun is a good stance. Ideally, you want your shooting stance to be both steady and balanced. The isosceles stance is usually reserved for people who wear body armor. This is because your midsection is exposed while taking a shot. 

With this stance, you will need to stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width. Once you’re in this stance, you will extend your arms in front of you. When done correctly, this stance can provide you with a central and accurate aim. 

Know How To Use Your Trigger Finger

Trigger control is one of the main things new handgun owners struggle with. In the movies, you’ll see actors wrapping their entire fingers around the trigger of a gun. This is a mistake that can lead to you pulling the gun in a specific direction when it is fired. 

Making sure that the trigger is firmly against the pad of your fingertip is vital. You also need to be conscious of where other fingers are positioned to ensure a smooth and accurate trigger pull is achieved. 

Stay Safe While Shooting Your Handgun

As a new handgun owner, you need to focus on safety at the shooting range. This means you need to treat every gun as if it is loaded. You also need to avoid pointing your weapon at anything that you aren’t going to shoot. Keeping the safety on until you’re ready to fire the weapon is also smart. 

By correcting these common mistakes, you can become a better shooter. 

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