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The average American child only spends 30 minutes outside every week. During the quarantine, many children spend all day and night indoors. Most parents tell their children stories about how they used to spend all day outside when they were kids. If you are tired of seeing your child on the couch or on videogames all of the time, it is time to take action.

The key to getting your child outside is finding activities they will enjoy. If you consider yourself an outdoorsman, you probalby know your way around a gun. Passing your love and knowledge of guns to your child is probably something you are passionate about. If you are trying to introduce shooting sports to your children, check out the great information below.

Start By Teaching Your Child Gun Safety

The most important thing you need to tell your child about guns is that using them safely can save lives. Before you allow your child to shoot their first firearm, you need to teach them how to handle it. Providing gun safety training while using an unloaded weapon is crucial. Receiving this training will drastically reduce the chances of your child being involved in a gun-related accident.

When trying to teach your child about gun safety, you need to impart wisdom like:

  • Always be sure of what is behind and in front of your target
  • Assume all firearms are loaded
  • Avoid putting your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire

If your child knows the importance of proper gun safety, they will treat these weapons with caution.

Make Shooting Fun

Children love spending time with their parents when they are younger. However, as your child enters their teen years, the quality time you spend with them will take a nosedive. Choosing hobbies that you and your child both enjoy can help you strengthen your bond. Getting your child stick with a new hobby can be hard if they don’t have fun participating in an activity.

If you want to ramp up the amount of fun on the gun range, then investing in some exploding targets is a must. Ordering targets in bulk is ideal if you want to provide your child with plenty of practice. Not only will ordering in bulk provides you with plenty of targets, you also get a better deal.

Get Your Child The Right Gun

The wrong gun can make your child’s shooting experience extremely bad. Getting your child a gun that isn’t age-appropriate can make shooting very difficult for them. This is why you need to do your homework to ensure the right gun is purchased. In most cases, you need to start a child out with a .22-caliber rifle because of the low recoil and ease of operation they provide.

It’s Time to Order Some Exploding Targets

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