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Are your kids finally at the age where you can teach them to shoot? Are you looking for a way to make target practice a bit more fun and entertaining? 

While safety should be a top priority, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your target shooting. With that in mind, consider the tips here to help you with this goal. 

Reactive Targets 

Shooting at targets is something that kids of all ages enjoy. You can find all types of metal spinner targets for affordable prices. When the target is hit, there’s an immediate reaction. If you add in some friendly competition, you can make the experience even more fun. 

If you decide to shoot at metal targets, be sure you set up far enough away to avoid the occasional bullet splash back that may occur. 

Impromptu Targets

Another idea is to take a few impromptu targets along with you to the shooting range. Just make sure that what you take is acceptable to the range manager. It’s never a good idea to shoot anything that’s made of glass (the reasons for this should be obvious). 

One type of impromptu target to take along is old vegetables. These make great targets (especially for younger shooters), and the best part is they are biodegradable. Hitting the center of a tomato offers pretty satisfying results. Another fun target to shoot is charcoal briquettes. A gray, smoky cloud will appear when they are hit with a bullet. These are also biodegradable and won’t leave a huge mess on the range when you are done. 

Plastic water bottles are a classic option. Fill the bottles with water, and once it’s hit, it will explode. If you will, with water and food coloring, you have colorful targets that will be fun to shoot at

Explosive Targets 

When it comes to fun, it doesn’t get much more fun than explosive targets. These will literally explode when they are hit. With these targets, you can have all the fun you want and enjoy a satisfying explosion when your bullet hits the mark. 

Purchase Quality Targets for Your Shooting Practice 

Consider the options here when it comes to buying targets for the range. While you can stick with the traditional paper targets, there are so many more options to consider. With the tips here, you will find that you can have a lot more fun at the range and enjoy every second of teaching your kids how to shoot. 

What Type of Targets Will You Use?

As you can see, there are more than a few target options to consider. You have to find the one that works best for you. In some cases, this will be a process of trial and error. Take some time to try out each of the options to see which ones work best and which ones help you have the most fun at the shooting range. When you know your options, you can choose a target that will offer fun for everyone.

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