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Finding out whether you’re expecting a little girl or boy is one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant, and you can get friends and family involved in a cool way through a gender reveal party. When you are looking to make your reveal more fun and memorable, here are some creative party ideas if you are planning to find out and share your baby’s gender before he or she is born.

Invite People for Gender Reveal Party

Invite family and friends by sending out invitations about a month or two in advance for your gender reveal party. Go online to find some printable invitations, and some are even free. Also, you can design your invitations to perfectly match your theme at some paper shops that stock invites. You can create an event on social media, send a message, or an email to save time.

Set the Date

Pick a date and select a venue. Set your date sometime around week 20 of pregnancy, after you have gone through the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. By then, you will know whether you’re expecting a girl or boy from the ultrasound technician.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations Ideas

Lots of pink and blue decorations are the most obvious options. Use the help of pink and blue food dye to make food to match as you buy your gender reveal party supplies. You can tap into some of these ideas for a unique gender reveal party decorations:

  • You can put bowls of fake mustaches and bright pink lipstick on a table for the lipsticks and mustache theme so that your guests can be part of the decoration by popping one on. You will have great success with bowties and bows theme.
  • You can try using strips of yellow and black crepe paper as a decorative table cloth or provide a bit of honeybee-themed sweets made from cupcakes or icing for your dessert table for the “What will it be?” theme.
  • For senor or senorita theme, one of your decorations could double as a game or as a centerpiece, use a gender reveal piñata
  • Hang a banner on the front door with the question on everyone’s mind: “Boy or girl?” or get creative with, “He or she? Come in to see!”

Instead of using the time of ultrasound to announce the gender, you can ask the sonographer to write “boy” or “girl” on a paper if you want to find out your baby’s gender alongside your guests.

Decide on Your Theme for a Gender Reveal Party

Get creative here by choosing a unique party theme for your reveal. The ideas below can give you some inspirations:

  • “What will it be?”
  • Senor or Senorita
  • Mustaches or lipsticks
  • Quarterback or cheerleader
  • Touchdowns or tutus
  • Pirates or mermaids
  • Bows or bowties

Remember, you and your partner need to go for the best ideas that suit your personalities, which you can connect with the decorations, food, and invitations. A fantastic idea is using exploding colored targets is quite easy and add tons of excitement to your party.

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