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Do you want to improve your shooting proficiency? You may not realize that confidence in your rifle and yourself goes a long way in achieving this goal. If you are ready to improve both, keep reading. The tips here will guide your journey.

Improve Your Rifle Accuracy with These Tips

Only Shoot if the Barrel Is Clean

A clean rifle shoots better. To clean the barrel, use a cleaning rod and jag. Attach a solvent-soaked patch to the rod and push it through the barrel with a back-and-forth motion. Once done, wait about five minutes for the solvent to do its job and then swab it again to remove the remaining solvent and residue.

You should also use a bronze brush soaked in solvent for cleaning the barrel. Continue these steps until the dry, clean patches remain dry and clean. Be sure to pay attention to the crown to ensure it does not get scratched or dinged. If this happens, it can cause your bullets to shoot off course.

Increase Your Strength

Try to get in good physical shape before extended shooting sessions. This will also help you avoid gasping for breath when you are trying to shoot a deer that is just a few feet away. It is important to have strong muscles for hunting. In fact, this is an activity that uses many muscles you may not use daily, such as your shoulders, arms, and neck. Without strong arms, you will never be able to hold your rifle steady.

Inspect the Rings and Mount

Be sure the mount screws and ring screws are tight. Also, make sure to apply even pressure to each of the screws and tighten them sequentially. This will ensure they remain even and that this does not throw off your shooting.

Practice Your Follow Up Shots

Your first shot is just that, a first try. You should practice your second-chance shot, too. You can use any type of target for this to ensure you are staying as accurate as possible. In between your first and second shot, you should not wait more than five seconds. When you are hunting, this will give you a second chance to score the big buck or whatever you are hunting for.

Improve Your Breathing and Stance

You have heard the saying – practice makes perfect. It is important to practice as much as you can when you are trying to improve your rifle firing abilities. You can even do it inside; just make sure the gun is not loaded.

As you can see, just like any other sport or activity, getting better at hitting your target is something that requires practice and patience. With the tips and information here, it should be possible for you to achieve the desired results and improve your accuracy significantly. Make sure you don’t give up. The more you use your gun, the more comfortable you will become and the better your accuracy will get as time passes.

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