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Exploding Targets are an incredible way to add to your range day. Paper targets can only entertain you so far. And what if you are shooting 100's of yards away? The 5 lb exploding target (Star-Spangled Boomer), can be heard from up to 5 miles away! If you are trying to hear the steel target from that far, then good luck. there is no mistaking if you hit the exploding target when it booms that loud.

Ironclad Exploding Targets just released a new video ad that has it all: 50 lbs bulk exploding targets that blow up a car, a pink gender reveal exploding target blowing up a teddy bear, and at the tail end is a red-white-blue exploding target. Get ready to show that your family is a little different, but awesome at the same time! (We all know what it means when we say a "little different"...)

Check out our new video: Ironclad Exploding Targets Video

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