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A while ago, we were thinking about everything that we put on-site and all of the resources that we've compiled here for fans of binary explosives.

 And we were thinking about why it is that people love this stuff so much…And something came to mind.

 Times change, that's for sure, and we know that a lot of things have changed just in the last 10 years or so. Things have changed in the business world, and in our personal lives, too.

 Some of these changes can be good, but some are kind of not so good, in a way.

 We were thinking about how so many things are digital now, and how that impacts people's lives.

 Screens Everywhere

 We’re doing more of our business through screens. We’re even doing a lot of our more personal transactions (i.e. doctor visits) more and more in a digital way.

 There's nothing wrong with e-commerce; heck, it's convenient, and we've adopted that model ourselves, so that people all over the country can enjoy these big bangs.

 But the point is that sometimes people tend to crave a physical, live experience, not just television or computer time. 

 Take music – today, you can listen to all of the music that you want all the time – 24/7 if you want. You can listen to things you heard when you were young, and other things that you're just getting into.

 What you can't do, to a large extent, is find a lot of good live music venues where you can hear music performed in real time. It’s harder than it used to be. 

 It's that change from live performance to digital performance that people think about when they’re trying to get more of a fun activity together and do something in the real world instead of online.

 That's where our products come into play. These packages are easy to set up and use, and with the right safety planning and implementation, everyone will have a good time.

 People use these a lot around the Fourth of July, but they’re actually useful year-round, for gender reveals and much more.

 So take a look, and be sure to check out some of our helpful historic resources on the blog, about what happened in the days of the founding of America, when the country was young. We wanted to get some of this stuff onto the blog, to recognize the sacrifices made by those early patriots, and to remember the history that can tend to get lost over time. 


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