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There is a reason why we put a number of videos on our website.


Part of that is because this product is something that is best explained visually. Sure, the safety tips and everything should be written down, but to really understand the appeal of these products, you have to see them being used. And you're not likely to see that unless you have a handy YouTube video to show off what we make and how our customers use our products. So it’s good that we included this component to “show and tell” the glory of the double blend explosive. 


Big Booms


One thing that you can see firsthand is that these explosions are bigger than what you get with your over-the-counter fireworks.


You may or may not have larger fireworks available in your neck of the woods, but for pure color and smoke, you can't beat the Tannerite blend materials on an exploding target like these. It’s a unique way to create a spectacle that really makes an impression on people. Trust us- we know!




Yes, you can see these explosions from far away. That's part of the appeal of the modern gender reveal party, where you’re exploring these targets with pink or blue dust according to the baby's gender. Then everyone can shout “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”


Lots of people who have ordered from us have had excellent gender reveal parties planned, while others use these pyrotechnics for other kinds of events. The fourth of July comes to mind, and Memorial Day, for starters…


Special Packages


Some of our special package offers are also on display in the videos.


Check out the bowling pin-style explosions for an example of something different.


Remember to always use a proper backstop and comply with all the safety rules that we post on our site for using double blend explosives on your property.


You can also get our 5% discount code online, or move over to our blog to read more about the history of our business and how we put it together.


Then you can browse the actual boom packages, where we present individual units by weight to show you how much you can get for your money.


Or you can buy small paper targets and other accessories for your event.


It's all part of a commitment to customer service. We want you to be absolutely satisfied by what you get shipped to you. Have fun – and keep in touch!



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