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You lie there, spread out on the ground, in shooting stance – a hand on the trigger, your eyes steely and turned, fixed toward the horizon in front of you.

Look, luckily, this isn't “over there” and it's not a life or death scenario – instead, you might be lying there contemplating hitting that target to show everyone for the first time the gender of your unborn child!

Our Family is Different

Check out the video that's front and center on our landing page. It shows some of the reasons why families choose to do this kind of thing when they are revealing their baby's gender with a special event.

Despite the fact that you won't be participating in battle when you do a gender reveal shooting party, you may have quite a bit of tactical gear on, or you might be using very specific firearms and accessories, whether they are prized collectibles or family heirlooms. That's part of the appeal of this traditional practice which has become so ingrained in American culture that many of us are used to seeing pink and blue clouds signifying a baby’s gender.

In the video, you see that visuals that are part of this process – there's the initial explosion, and then the chalky, dusty cloud spreading the message to the four winds – “it's a girl!” or “it's a boy!”

We know that this is becoming a part of our cultural landscape, and so we put together a decent catalog to help your family and others to celebrate an emerging tradition. Check out our American All Sizes exploding targets super bulk pack at $399.99, or the Don't Tread on Me exploding targets bulk pack for just $84.99, or review our One Nation or other baby gender reveal kits that we put together for you. 

Like you, we like to “make things go boom,” and that's part of our philosophy of starting this modern e-commerce store, to offer you the kinds of products that help you to celebrate safely and effectively with something that has its own logistical requirements and challenges. In other words, you want to look like you know what you're doing – we get that, and that's why we support our customers with kits that are going to work out well on the ground. Contact us with any questions and good luck on the big day! We love to support American families as they participate in their own rituals and traditions in the modern age. 

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