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The Size Of Your Boom


In previous blog posts, we talked about a lot of the biggest reasons that people go for these kinds of kits and exploding target packages.


It's just neat to see your target explode in a wash of color, or to get the explosive experience of blowing up stuff on the range. With the right safety and appropriate technique, you can do this in a fun and positive way.


Choosing a Size


At Ironclad Freedom Targets, we offer different sizes of exploding materials.


Like pharmaceutical products or anything else that works on a specific volume of material, these kits are engineered to have a specific effect according to the amount of powder in the container.


The problem is that you don't really know how big the bang is until you experience it.


We've heard about this from different customers over the years. Some of them had a rough idea of what they were getting into, but maybe thought the blast would be a bit bigger or smaller than it was. Not necessarily a huge problem, but something to think about as you get set up.


Offering Packaged Kits: Sizes


Our exploding target kit helps you to do your own research with a variety of sizes to micromanage your blasting when you shoot an exploding target.


We have the 8 ounce, the 16 ounce, the 32 ounce and the 80-ounce big one. If you've ever bought fireworks at a local stand or an out-of-state store, you can see how this multi-size pack will be useful in figuring out how to achieve the boom that you want.


For example, you can start small with the 8 ounce design and then imagine what the 16 will do. As you go up, you can eventually gear up for the final display if you're planning to use one of these exploding targets to astound a visiting crowd.


You can also set up fruit or vegetables or other stuff around your target as you like, but again, with attention to all of those good safety guidelines that people have put together to protect you and everyone around you.


So go forward confidently for the fourth of July, a gender reveal party, or really anything else that you're doing on your property. We support you with the right products and kits to help you to get the big bang that you were seeking. Buy from our family to give your family an experience that they will never forget, and benefit from a supplier with a dedication to customer service.



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