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At Ironclad Freedom Targets, we have the exploding target products that will give you the most bang for your buck – no pun intended…

Last month, we posted some of the best time-tested tips for gun and shooting safety. Some of these are worth going over a little more because they make a difference in protecting everyone who's around your targets, whether it's just family or a larger gathering. (BEWARE! Gatherings restricted by coronavirus rules right now!)

As you set up your very cool explosives on your property, we recommend you pay close attention to these three essential safety tips:

Don't Be Confused: Practice Good Gun Safety Rules

If you're shooting at targets to explode them, be smart, and follow some of the best practices for safe handgun use. We already covered this basic tip that we're going to revisit for its crucial importance: never point a gun anywhere that you're not going to shoot!

Here's another thing that sometimes does not get talked about enough: you also have to remain aware of the gun safety position at all times. That's harder than it might seem! 

The safety is an immensely confusing part of the gun apparatus. So many gun accidents have to do with people not knowing whether the safety is on or not. In addition to that, you have to know whether the chamber is full at any given point in time. 

Too often, confusion around the safety gives gun users a false sense of security. "It's not gonna fire because the safety's on!" Except maybe the safety is off. Don't leave anything like that to chance. 

Follow Mixing Instructions

Look, when you're dealing with these two-part explosive products, don't get creative. There are specific and detailed instructions for a reason. If you're familiar with this stuff, you know that it's illegal to transport it already mixed – you have to buy the two separate items and mix them together yourself. So how you do that is critically important. Our products come with all appropriate training instructions and safety materials, so follow these to the letter, and you'll be in much better shape to practice safe shooting.

Maintain Distances and Safe Positioning

Yes, we covered this before, as well, somewhat, but again, it's important enough to come back to. Many of us have already seen one of those tragic newspaper articles where a bullet follows an unintended trajectory off of the property and strikes someone maybe a half a mile or more away. If you know anything about guns, you know that firearms have enormous power and potential to reach targets that are placed far away. The most simple and straightforward way to deal with this safety challenge is to make sure that your targets are positioned where the bullet stops after you hit the target. This stuff might sound childishly simple, but it does represent the best ways to be safe and be professional and save lives.

Ok, have fun! Use our discount code 'FIRSTBOOM' at Ironclad Freedom Targets to get special options available right now, and keep the above safety tips in mind to have a great time with your purchases.

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