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Turkey Day Blast!

We always have new things going on in the Age of Ironclad – and as Thanksgiving approaches, we have a special offer for all of our loyal fans!

It's called the Turkey Day Blast, and it retails for $119 and change.

We put this together to help celebrate an iconic American holiday that's still at the top of the average family's list when it comes to pulling out all the stops and getting everyone together for a seasonal shindig.

The Package

Okay, so what's in the Turkey Day Blast package?

You get nine of our little half-pound blasters to set off in an enjoyable sequence.

You get three 1-pounders that have a little more bang…not too shabby.

You get three two-pounders to up the ante a little bit.

You also get two of our big, big 5-pound explosions for perfectly timed fun and spectacle!

Why would you want a turkey day big blast anyway?

We can see that lots of families have been involved in wanting to set off explosions to create a neat visual effect and some holiday “shock and awe” for the masses, so to speak. People love these booms and everything that they stand for, and so we have made it easy to source these attractions for your event, with safety information and more.

Yes, these packages are popular for gender reveal parties, but people use them on traditional holidays, too. It all goes back to that sense of festivity and excitement that people have about traditional holidays, which predates the actual creation of this country, and enjoyed lots of attention in the old world many centuries ago. Just crack a history book and you’ll see some pyrotechnics in older societies, as part of the appeal of a big feast day. 

So yeh, people like fireworks. And we have been seeing that for a long time and that's part of our business model really.

As for the timeline that applies here, you can order this package up to November 26.

Missed the Thanksgiving turkey day blast package? No problem - just choose from one of our traditional Age of Ironclad packages and get the boom that you need for family fun.

As always, we urge you to follow all safety precautions, including those that we posted on the site and in previous blog posts. Maintain safe distances and use safe shooting technique to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

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