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shooting range with high powered rifle

It's easy to talk about the great things that our customers do with our products, but the best way to really get this across is to show you. That's why we put videos on our website of these things going off, so you can see exactly what this looks like in the field, and what you can expect when you open the box. Check them out here!

A Cloud of Smoke

It's really cool how exploding targets create a smoke cloud that rolls across a field or open space and spirals up into the air. It's part of the visual attraction of these types of explosives and why people use them for public events and parties and other forms of entertainment. You can see these explosives being set off for holiday festivals and for personal celebrations as well, all over the country, as we continue to make progress in offering consumers a new generation of safer, more impressive pyrotechnics.

A Flash of Light

There's also a bright flash of light, which makes for awesome night explosions. These bad boys are designed to get someone's attention! Exploding targets get a big result when you’re setting up this kind of display. Learn more details at our web site where we talk about the logistics of these types of setups and how to get the best experience for your money.

A Touch of Color

Another thing many of our clients like to do is combine exploding binary targets with colored powder. If you're wondering whether this gives you bright, vibrant color or just a little shaded smoke, check out videos of colored explosives in action. You’ll be amazed!

One of the most effective ways to get a colorful result is to package the colored powder all around the exploding target, so that when it explodes, it sends shockwaves of bright color out in every direction. It's an interesting way to visually showcase the power of chemistry to amaze and entertain you and your guests!


The best way to detonate these products is by shooting at the exploding targets with a high-powdered rifle. It's important to comply with all proper gun safety precautions, and to also treat these explosives carefully, as recommended by safety experts. In fact, it's not legal to transport these blended products, and that's why you can get them separately from Ironclad, to be mixed at the site. Look around and bookmark our site, because we are one of the most popular shippers of these materials around!

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