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When you're shopping on our website, there are some things to keep in mind about how these products work. We've gone over this quite a bit in past blogs, but it bears going over again, because of the uniqueness of the products that we sell.

Essentially, it has to do with regulations on these types of products.

A binary solution means that you have to sell these in separate containers for shipping, and combine them on-site.

Again, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you already know this, but it's important to point out to newcomers how the process works.

It's never ideal to have customers assembling things on-site. It creates a bigger need for different kinds of instructive materials and processes. But we’ve found it can work pretty well, with a commitment to informing people about the right ways to use these products.

The Cycle

With that in mind, let's look at the four cycle components that we put on the website.

That list is, as follows:

  • Pour

  • Shake

  • Set

  • Shoot

Let's go over each of these individually…


This initial stage is, in some ways, pretty simple.

You pour the two components together in a single container.

Of course, you have to make sure that the container’s big enough and has a lid, etc., but this stage is neither complex nor time intensive in other ways.


Now, this step takes some thoroughness.

As we mentioned on the website, you want to get the granules completely blended with a thorough shaking, not just a quick turn of the wrist.


When you have the material well mixed, you’re ready to set it where it needs to be for immediate use. 

A lot of people use items like pumpkins and put the explosive inside.

Here's the important part with this step – it's the set distance that makes a difference.

Look at the standards and guidelines that we've given for safe distances, and use them religiously!

You don't want to set these things too close to where you or others will be.

That makes this one of the more important steps in the process.


In the last stage, you’re basically giving the performance. That's what you bought these products for, right?

Here, it's important what you shoot with, and how you implement this stage of the game, and how you maintain distance as well as providing for the trajectory of the bullet. 

When you think about all these things deliberately, and plan for them, you're on much better solid ground to use the ‘big boom’ products.

Check out discounts and more on the website. Have fun!

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