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Try Getting a Sample Pack

Not sure how to prep for your gender reveal or other events? One good idea is to try a sample pack from us first, to figure out how this amazing stuff actually works.What's in the sample pack?When you get a sample pack from Age of Ironclad, you get a variety of sizing. That helps you to do your test runs for an informed result, and figure out what's best for your actual event.With the sample pack, you get:1 8-ounce unit1 16-ounce unit1 32-ounce unitYou also get one 80-ounce Big Boomer so that you can evaluate this size as well, to figure out if it's appropriate for the area where you’re shooting, and the audience that you'll have. Why is this...

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How to Make Shooting Sports More Enjoyable for Kids

Over 43% of the households in America have guns in them. If you are a gun owner with children, your main goal should be teaching your kids how to safely operate a firearm. By doing this, you can minimize the risk of gun-related accidents. As many of the children in the country linger in quarantine, their parents are looking for a way to keep them occupied. This is why there has been a sudden uptick in the number of children participating in shooting sports. Finding ways to make this new sport enjoyable for your child is crucial when trying to get them to stick with it. Here are some things you can do to make shooting sports more enjoyable for...

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Grab Your Friends And Have Some Fun

It doesn't have to be a holiday or a birthday for us to spend time with our closest friends and family. If we have learned one thing from these uncertain times in which we find ourselves living, it is that there is no guarantee that we can take that trip, attend that celebration, or even visit long lost friends. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today, and today, you can have a blast with some good old fashioned fun.   Tried And True, Ready For New Getting the guys together is most assuredly always an adventure, but finding new ways to bond can quickly become difficult. Let's face it, hanging out at the local sports bars or...

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How to Make Your Gender Reveal Party Fun and Memorable

Finding out whether you’re expecting a little girl or boy is one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant, and you can get friends and family involved in a cool way through a gender reveal party. When you are looking to make your reveal more fun and memorable, here are some creative party ideas if you are planning to find out and share your baby’s gender before he or she is born. Invite People for Gender Reveal Party Invite family and friends by sending out invitations about a month or two in advance for your gender reveal party. Go online to find some printable invitations, and some are even free. Also, you can design your invitations to perfectly match...

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Target Shooting Improves Accuracy, Three Popular Styles

If practice makes perfect, then in order to hone your shooting skills, you must make the time for target practice. Not only is target practice essential to perfecting your aim, but it is also a necessary part of remaining on point with your gun safety and handling capabilities.  Regardless of if you are an avid hunter or a novice sport shooter, the pursuit of accuracy is a top goal. In order to gain better accuracy, you need something to shot at that will provide the necessary feedback needed to make adjustments to your aim. Target shooting also educates the shooter on variables that affect accuracies such as the type of weapon used and range of distance.  Targets Offer Immediate Feedback...

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