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Sample Pack - All Sizes Exploding High-Powered Rifle Targets

$ 49.99 $ 69.99


Get your feet wet and try out all our target sizes! Once you go boom, you never go back.


1 - 8oz (1/2 lbs) exploding target

1 - 16oz (1 lbs) exploding target

1 - 32oz (2 lbs) exploding target

1 - 80oz (5 lbs) exploding target

Heed the warning labels, follow your local laws and ordinances, please clean up after yourself and most importantly: HAVE A BLAST!


Is this legal in my state?

While binary targets are legal according to Federal Law 27 CFR, Part 555 for personal use, ALWAYS check your local and state laws to verify it is legal to mix and detonate binary targets in your area.


Why is shipping so expensive?

When you buy our products, you're buying POUNDS of binary target mix. That means if you buy our Commander In Chief - 6x 5lb Targets, you're buying 30lbs of product! It's expensive to ship 30 pounds anywhere in the country. We strive to keep our product priced as competitive as possible to make our store your #1 choice for binary exploding targets.

What rounds can I use to detonate the mix?

Use any round .40 grain or larger that travels at least 2,200 feet per second.


  • .223/5.56mm NATO (the common AR15/M16 or Ruger Mini-14 round)
  • 5.45x39mm (the AK-74 round)
  • 6mm Remington
  • .243 Winchester
  • .270
  • 7.62x39mm (the AK-47 round)
  • 7mm Remington Magnum
  • .300 Savage
  • .308/7.62mm NATO
  • .30-06
  • .300 Remington Magnum
  • .338 Remington Magnum
  • .50 Browning (the .50 caliber machine gun round)