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Frequently Asked Questions


1. POUR The gray powder bag into the jar.

2. SHAKE Until all white prills are covered in the gray powder. Check the bottom middle area of the jar to ensure there is no white left.

3. SET At minimum distance recommended by manufacturer found on the label, or farther to test your skills.

4. SHOOT With a high-powered rifle (Min. 40 grain bullet that reaches 2,200 feet per second, such as an AR-15).

What is a binary target?

  • A target made from two compounds that are completely stable on their own. When they are mixed, they are regulated by the ATF.

How do I contact you?

  • Email: info@ageofironclad.com
  • Call: 208-917-1260

Are you licensed by the ATF?

  • Yes.

Do I have to be licensed by the ATF to buy exploding targets?

  • No. Please be aware though that the legal limit to shoot at one time is 50 pounds.

Do you have an age requirement?

  • Yes. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase exploding targets.

Can I mix the targets before I get to my destination?

  • No. That is illegal and you will face charges if you mix the compounds together and transport them. Once mixed, it is considered a high-powered explosive.

      What type of gun do I use to shoot the targets with?

      • Center-fire rifles only. For best results, your gun needs to be able to shoot at least a 40 grain bullet that reaches 2200 feet/second. An example would be an AR-15. Generally speaking, the larger the bullet, the better the results.

      Will a .22 make the targets explode?

      • No. We recommend a bullet that is both 40 grains and reaches 2200 fps. Minimum would be .223 round.

      How far away do I need to shoot the targets?

      • The Little Patriots, Liberty, and Justice can be shot at a distance of 40 yards.
      • Freedom can be shot at 60 yards.
      • Star-Spangled Boomer can be shot at 100 yards.

      What is the recommended FPS?

      • A 40 grain bullet that goes 2200 feet/second
      • To get the best results, both criteria must be met

      What is your return policy?

      • See Legal for our TOS, Return, and Privacy Policies.

      Will your targets spontaneously combust?

      • No. They are binary targets and will not explode spontaneously. The compounds are stable until mixed. Even then, they need to be shot at with a round that reaches at least 2200 feet/second with a 40 grain bullet or larger.



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